Bruce Baker -NOT a Coach … a Business Builder

Scaling your business significantly and changing your life to one of balance and prosperity should not be complex and out of reach! Traditional business coaching and consulting are dead, and it’s time that business owners take back control and prosperity in their lives and see what they are truly made of!

I partner closely with business owners and their leadership teams to grow their businesses geometrically. I am on a mission to show business owners that their business has the potential to be so much more and the ability to grow their business does not have to be like “splitting the atom”!

I am a true follower and scholar of execution and most importantly, not satisfied until my clients see results, results not because we achieved them, but because we guided our clients in doing so! We aim to work ourselves out of a “job”, so we leave our clients with a business they never thought possible.

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Jason Hatton

About Jason

There are so many moving parts to personal finance; it’s important that people have access to the information that will help them most!

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