Douglas L. Fleshman

I was born and raised here in the Edmonton area, worked 20 years in the grocery industry, 10 years with IGA (Asst. Manager) and 10 years with Planet Organic Market (Store Manager of Edm. South). I have always been a handy guy and had the passion for quality construction. In 2009, I finally made the plunge into custom residential construction where I stayed until 2013. At that point, I knew what I wanted to do the rest of my life. I wanted to be a Home Inspector. With all the customer service and residential construction training and experience, I felt perfectly matched for this profession. In addition to my professional qualifications, I have the personality to match. I am hard working and honest, take pride in what I do, and have an unmatched passion to do the best job I can. I not only want to be the best Home Inspector, but I want to be the best Home Inspector for you.

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Jason Hatton

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There are so many moving parts to personal finance; it’s important that people have access to the information that will help them most!

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